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2430 Main Street, Longmont | 303-485-6681

1833 East Harmony #1A, Fort Collins | 970-484-1094

Classes and Calendars

We have a huge variety of classes to offer. Whether you're looking to learn how to use your BERNINA sewing machine or to learn how to quilt, we've got something that will suit you. Our staff is comprised of experienced garment sewers, quilters, embroiderers and instructors that teach different levels of classes. New classes are added frequently.

Visit our store's calendars by clicking on the links below. It is important to note that there is a calendar for each of our locations. Please be sure you have selected the calendar for the location at which you want to take the class. Please call at least one day prior to the class date to register. You are officially registered for class when you have paid for the class in full.

View Longmont Calendar.

View Fort Collins Calendar.

General Class Policies


We want your class experiences to be fun and stress free! Please read the following class policies before registering for your class.

Class fees do not include supplies unless specifically stated.
Some Owner's Classes do have a small kit fee (required) for the class so that everyone has the same materials to create the project. Because we want to keep instruction available for everyone and make sure our instructors are compensated for their time and effort in creating a valuable class experience for you, we try to keep our class fees both reasonable and comparable to what other sewing machine stores and quilt stores in our area charge. We offer a discount on everything you purchase from us for a class you are taking at our stores. Please let us know that you are enrolled in class when you purchase your supplies and we will make sure we apply the discount. 

Please download and read the class supply list before registering for class.
There is a link on each class listing on the calendar page to download a supply list. The supply list may or may not match a required book or pattern's supply list. Sometimes we will find a different or easier way to complete the project, a product that works better, or a special tool that will help you, and we want to share that with you! Please make sure you ask us any questions about the supplies required for class ahead of time so that you are properly prepared on class day. If you cannot download and print the supply list, just come in and ask us—we are happy to do it for you!

If we cancel the class, you will receive a refund for the class fee or we will enroll you in the next section. In the extremely unlikely event that we have to cancel the class due to illness, weather or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, don't worry—we'll make it right.

If you are unable to make it to the class or event you are enrolled in, we cannot guarantee you a refund. Because we have a maximum number of students allowed for each class (which varies), we may have already filled the class and denied someone else the opportunity to enroll. If we have a waiting list and can fill your space, we will either enroll you in a different / future section or issue you a refund. Please understand that if we cannot fill your space, or the class is a multi-session class which has already begun, we cannot refund your class fee. Our policy for events is the same—if we can fill your space from a waiting list, we will issue you a refund—if we can't fill your space or if the event specifies no cancellations, we cannot refund your fee.
Thank you for your understanding.

Please do any required preparation for class before class day.
Some classes require preparation work before class day so that you can be more productive in class. For example, an instructor may state in the supply list that you should cut out part of the project before class. Should a class require any preparation ahead of time, it will state that very clearly in the supply list—we typically ask for your email address or phone number so that we can give you those instructions. Whether or not you can complete your project in class could depend on
if you complete the class prep work! If you have questions about the class prep work, ask us—we are happy to help you!

Please be on time for class. In fact, you can even come ten or fifteen minutes early to set up your machine and get your supplies ready! Everything goes much more smoothly if everyone is on time—not only can we get to the fun part faster, it also saves our instructors from having to repeat anything you may miss if you are late. (We do not call you before the class to remind you that you are enrolled—you are responsible for making it to class when you are registered, and no refund will be issued if you do not remember to come to class. See above policy about refunds.)

Please silence your cell phone during class. Just like when you're at a movie, it can be disruptive to have a ringing (or singing!) phone during class. We understand that sometimes you absolutely NEED to keep your phone on—we just ask that you put it on vibrate or lower the ring tone volume to a minimum, and take any urgent calls outside of the classroom so that the other students may continue to hear the instructor.

Please call and register BEFORE class day. Some classes and clubs require us to prepare kits ahead of time, and if we don't know you're joining us, we may not have enough kits. The instructor who is teaching the class may not necessarily be working in the store the rest of that day—if you are not registered for class, there might not be an instructor when you get here. Some classes also have a minimum enrollment number or the class will be cancelled (this does NOT apply to the Owner's Classes—we will teach those even for one person). If the minimum number is not registered yet when YOU enroll, we will tell you so that you are aware the class may either be postponed or cancelled in the unlikely event that it does not "fill". If that happens, we will either refund your class fee or enroll you in a later session—your choice.

Please do not bring guests who have not paid the class fee, unsupervised children or pets to class (exception—service animals). Thank you for your understanding. Please inform us when you register if you have a service animal so that we can do an exceptional job of making sure there are no pins on the classroom floor ahead of time!

Please tell us of any assistance you require when you register for class. We have two classroom areas in our Longmont store, one of which is upstairs (and it is a FULL, straight flight of stairs with no landing). We do have a dumb waiter / tiny elevator to send your machine and class supplies up the stairs, but it is not a full person size elevator. We are very happy to accommodate you and assist you any way that we can—just please let us know when you register
if you will require assistance. We will schedule classes in our main floor class area if necessary, and we are happy to help you bring your sewing machine and / or supplies into the store when you arrive.

Owner's Classes / BERNINA Mastery Classes

When you buy a BERNINA or BERNINA Embroidery or DesignWorks Software from us, we want you to learn to use every single feature. You may take these classes as many times as you want to as long as you own your BERNINA or BERNINA Software. If you are the only one in class, we do not cancel the class—you get private instruction! A series of Owner's Classes has been designed to educate and inspire you—some of these classes are project based and some are lecture/demo format. We do ask that you register for class in advance so that we can be sure to provide enough kits and materials for all attendees. Please call the store at least one day before class to enroll.

For a complete list and description of the Owner's Classes / BERNINA Mastery Classes, please visit the Owner's Classes page.

Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Classes for Everyone


Already learned the basics of how your machine works and ready to move on? We've got MORE classes for you!


Our staff teaches sewing, quilting and machine embroidery classes featuring a wide variety of projects for different skill levels. We've even got sewing classes for kids! These classes are open to owners of any brand of sewing or embroidery machine.


To see what's coming up, click here to visit the Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Classes for Everyone page.
There is a supply list for each of these classes. Before you register for your class, please download the supply list from
the class listing page.


Learning and sharing is always more fun in groups when it comes to sewing, quilting and embroidery! We have three different clubs you can participate in at The Presser Foot: Bobbinwinders, Embroidery Club and Software Club are each held once a month at both of our locations. Bobbinwinders and Embroidery Club are open to owners of any brand of sewing or embroidery machine.

Your purchase of a BERNINA from The Presser Foot makes you a lifetime Bobbinwinders Club member. Each month we'll present a new technique, tool or trick to inspire you to reach new levels of creativity! Join us for the morning or evening lecture/demo and share in the fun.

Embroidery Club will help you learn to use your embroidery machine in new and exciting ways by teaching you more about stabilizers, hooping items that are already made, using different types of materials to embroider on and more.

Software Club teaches you to take your BERNINA Embroidery Software to new levels. Each month's lesson will focus on one or two tools or techniques to encourage you to explore more on your own! Software Club is taught using the BERNINA Embroidery Software v8 DesignerPlus. When possible a work around is provided for older versions or other levels of BERNINA Embroidery Software.

To learn more about Bobbinwinders, Embroidery Club or Software Club, click here to visit the Clubs page.