Welcome to Halfway and Quilts Plus! 

Halfway is nestled in the center of Pine Valley, between Richland in Eagle Valley and Oxbow in Hells Canyon. From spring through fall, downtown is festooned with colorful hanging flower baskets. In the winter, abundant snow adds the roar of snowmobiles to Halfway's neighborly traffic. We have a cozy community and serve all kinds of travelers and quilters passing through.

You can spend the day with us looking through the gift shop, sipping on a coffee from our in-store espresso bar, then casually poke through our array of fabrics, patterns, books and more!  Have a question?  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you with color choices, figuring yardage, choosing a pattern...you name it, we're here to help you!

The shop started in 1986 as Kids + when Roberta, the owner and founder, was making little girls' dresses full of ruffles and frills. It gradually evolved into a full-fledged fabric store while still selling locally-made dresses and other clothing items. After about ten years, as quilting became more popular and fewer people were sewing their own clothes, the transition was made to Quilts Plus in the mid-90's.

While teaching quilting classes, Roberta found that not many people were actually finishing their quilts. She saw another opportunity to better serve her customers and purchased her first Gammil long-arm quilting machine. That was quickly running at capacity, so a second machine was added, and both were computerized in 2012 to allow us to shorten the turn-around time for our customers.

The shop also features an espresso bar and drive-up window, so you can take a break from shopping and sip a latte or park your hubby with a muffin and coffee while you browse our 2000+ bolts of beautiful fabric, patterns, kits, and notions, or look through our large selection of finished quilts for sale and the wide variety of locally-crafted gift items. If you have driven all the way out here to visit us, we want to make sure the trip was worth your while! 

Now, on to how our little town got its name. There are several stories, the short version being "it's Halfway between Heaven and Hells Canyon"! The most widely-accepted true story is that when a new post office was being established in 1887, the Postmaster requested the name Midway because the location was midway between the existing post offices in Jimtown and Pinetown. As that name was already in use elsewhere in the state, postal officials suggested the name Halfway instead and that was that. With the wonderful scenery and the many recreational opportunities, we feel the first is the most appropriate, but we'll leave it for you to decide when you're here. Hope to see you in person someday soon!