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Introducing The Creative Needle 
Mystery Quilt

Mark your calendars:   The Fall 2022 "Stellar" clues will begin on October 1st, 2022!

What is a Mystery Quilt?
A Mystery Quilt is a quilt whose instructions are revealed in a series of clues and the final design is unknown until the final clue is revealed. Mystery Quilts are often group events taking place in shops or online. Clues can be revealed as you finish each clue or on a set date or time. Fabric requirements are given at the onset and generally include details about light, medium and dark fabric, as well as fabric quantity. 
Every month for six (6) months you'll receive.
  • Instructions/clue to create a part of your quilt.  
  • In person sewing days on the 1st Thursday of each month, BONUS demonstrations on the 1st Saturday of each month.
  • In the sixth (6th) month, you'll receive the final clue to putting your quilt together.

Who participates in a Mystery Quilt?

A mystery quilt is fun for anyone, especially:
  1. The Busy Quilter with a go-go life that has only 2-4 hours a month to sew;
  2. The Beginning Quilter that is excited to expand their skills; or
  3. The Experienced Quilter that wants to sew and have some fun meeting new people.


Why join?

  1. It's easy - Everything is broken down for you, all you have to do is sew it together using the easy to follow instructions complete with clear diagrams - even a beginner can do it!
  2. It's quick Too busy working or looking after the family to quilt? Just one short stitching session each month and you will have all the pieces ready to put together
  3. It's fun - You'll know the fabrics and the finished size, but that's all - have fun guessing what the pattern is going to be.
  4. It's perfect for quilt groups Get together with your friends to make your Mystery blocks each month and compare how the different colorways look
  5. Great choice of colorwaysOur first class will be picking out YOUR fabrics and helping you get started.  We will be there to help you choose the right fabric combinations, 

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