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Sashiko is a form of Japanese embroidery.   Sashiko is typically made in geometric patterns using white cotton thread on indigo blue fabric.

Materials for Sashiko

  • Fabric, Indigo dyed blue fabric is most used in sashiko, but any fabric could be used. The ideal fabric for sashiko embroidery is one that is not too tightly woven, The Creative Needle offers Robert Kaufman’s Essex fabric, which is a linen/cotton blend.  Because sashiko thread is so thick, a fabric that is too tightly woven will show puckering or the holes quite easily. Using one of our sashiko kits would be a great way to start.

  • Sashiko needle, these needles are available in a variety of lengths.  The needles sharp tip enables a smooth insertion into the fabric.
  • Sashiko thread, sashiko thread is more twisted than embroidery floss and should not be separated into strands. 
  • Sashiko pattern, there are many Sashiko designs available.  We have books available as well as kits with pre-printed patterns.  You can also use the interfacing method for transferring patterns or sewing carbon to trace the design to the front of your fabric and stitch from the front.
  • Sashiko thimble, is a useful tool when doing sashiko stitching. The pad of the thimble, which is positioned over your palm, helps push the long sashiko needle through the fabric and makes stitching easier.
  • Scissors

If you love the look of sashiko patterns but want to try something a little different, you can experiment with changing up sashiko embroidery designs. Work with patterns in different ways, mix up the colors.


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