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Don’t Lug a Vacuum; Plug in a BEAM!

Bert’s Vacuums is very proud to be a certified dealer of the top of the line BEAM Central Vacuum systems. With canisters, air, and power head packages to choose from, there is sure to be an option that is perfectly suited to your needs.

The #1 selling brand of central vacuum systems. Originating in 1957, BEAM has become the undisputed technology and market leader in the central vacuum industry. Their award-winning Alliance central vacuum line offers a feature rich system with self-cleaning filters from GORE-TEX, Press & Release Bucket and Aero Pro Hoses just to name a few. With their tried and true Serenity and Classic models still available, BEAM offers a central vacuum system that will work in any home or small business.

Cyclo Vac

Fifty years of research and development have gone into this completely Canadian product. Renowned worldwide for their reliability, innovation and outstanding performance make owning a Cyclo Vac a stress-free investment. Models to fit any size home or business, the Cycle Vac is the premium when it comes to build quality. Combined with an available 25-year warranty, this may be the last central vacuum you will ever need to buy.

Johnny Vac

Priced to fit anybody’s budget, Johnny Vac central vacuum systems offer power and reliability at introductory prices. These units can fit in the smallest of spaces without compromising performance. Their simple design, competitive price and 10-year warranty make these a great choice for any size home.

We can rough in and install whatever central vacuum system you choose. If you prefer to do the installation yourself, we carry a full line of parts and supplies, including retractable hose systems from Hide-a-Hose, pipes and fittings, wire, outlets, glue, vacuum sweeps and more. We stock a variety of accessories, including hoses and hose covers, garage packages, power heads, stair tools and dust mops – everything you need to clean your home! Visit our shop to learn more or to see our full inventory of central vacuum systems in Medicine Hat.


Central Vacuum installation can be performed when a new house is being built ( referred to as new construction) or into an existing house (referred to as Retrofit). Retrofits can be more complex and are typically not quoted without a visit. New construction has standardized pricing. Regardless of whether it be new construction or retrofit Central Vacuums installation consists of 2 stages.

Stage One- Run the valves that connect from the house to the CentralVacuum unit. This step is often referred to as the "rough In stage'. This step is usually scheduled as the electrician is finishing up but before the drywall is installed. It is important all plumbing excluding (hot and cold water lines) and heating runs have been completed before starting to run Central Vacuum piping. For existing construction, the timing of this step will vary. time frame to complete this step varies, however, in most cases it is completed within 1 day.

Stage Two(Final Stage)-Install the Central Vacuum unit and inlet valves in the house.In new construction this step is usually down as the appliances are to be installed. In retrofits this step will often happen the same day as step one.time frame to complete this step varies depending on the amount and type of inlet valves to install plus any accessories that have been added. Typically it takes 1.5 hours to 6 hours to complete.


1. Traditional - Traditional inlet valves are strategically placed in the house to allow for maximum coverage with a 30 ft hose 35 ft hoses also available . Pipe is run from the valves to the central vacuum in the shortest and straightest line possible. There are two types of standard inlet valves.

a) LOW VOLTAGE - These valves handle low voltage signals sent sent out by the vacuum unit. When the signal gets back to the machine it will turn on.An electrical outlet is normally installed within 5 feet of these valves. The end user would then plug into the electrical pigtail on the hose to allow the use of an electrical power nozzle to clean carpets.

b) HIGH VOLTAGE - These valves handle the low voltage signal described above plus handle the 120V required by and electrical power nozzle. This allows the end user to configure the hose without the electrical pigtail.Rather the hose is configured with pins that carry the electrical power to run the nozzle. the hose configuration is also known as "Direct connect".

2. Retractable Hose - The ultimate in Central Vacuum systems. No more bulky hose to put away. When finished simply cover the end of the hose and the hose will be retracted into the wall. Inlet valves are strategically placed throughout the house to allow for maximum coverage with the fewest amount of hoses. Hose Hose lengths are 30,40,50 and 60 Ft hoses available but only used if no other option exists. The first portion of pipe that is run from the inlet valve will store the hoses so it must be a minimum length of the hose that is stored inside. the remaining pipe is done so in the straightest and shortest line possible back to the machine.

3.Hybrid - This is a combination of the traditional and retractable hose. The retractable hose installation does not allow for an electrical power nozzle. If an electrical power nozzle is necessary a traditional inlet valves are strategically placed to allow for maximum coverage.



Accessories increase the functionality and convenience of the Central Vacuum

1. Wally Flex gives you quick and easy access to the full portable vacuum which stretches from 2 ft to 13 ft.Great for smaller areas that need frequent pick ups.

2. Vacuum Sweeps are one of the most popular accessories it gets rid of the dustpan and simply sweeps the dirt right into the device.

3. Vroom Retractable Hose 18 or 24 FT - Fits in your kitchen cabinet out of sight the power of a Central Vacuum with the convenience of a retractable hose.

4. Spot By Vroom combine the functionality of a wally flex and the out of site aesthetics of a retractable hose. a great upgrade of the Wally Flex.

5. Vroom Retract Vac Bring the speed and convenience of a hose system to your garage. Comes standard with a 30 ft hose. Surface mounted with may additional tool to choose from makes this the fastest, most convenient way to clean your garage and everything inside it.

Central Vacuum Installation Retrofits

Existing construction presents some unique challenges that make it difficult to have standardized pricing. Pricing for new construction is used as a guideline and each retrofit is quoted on a case by case basis. Schedule us to come on site and perform a free, no obligation consultation.

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