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                                                                Quilts displayed with permission


Category Entered in:   Art - Landscape
Entered by:                 Sue Gilgen
Quilted by:                  Sue Gilgen
Name of Quilt:            Cliffs of Moher
Description:                Sometimes while visiting a new country or new place, one can receive inspiration to continue - giving hope and courage.  Created this for my daughter.

Bone Appetite


Category Entered in:   Machine Embroidery
Entered by:                  Betty Kislinger
Quilted by:                   Cathie Purdy
Name of Quilt:             Bone Appetite
Description:                 This quilt, Broom Hilda's Bakery by Kimberbell,
                                    was just plain fun.


Category Entered in:  Pieced - Large Category
Entered By:                Name Withheld by Request
Description:                Look closely and you will see a snowman
                                   village with a school, bakery, post office, and
                                   even a quilt shop.  This quilt is a mystery block
                                   of the month by Lisa Bongean.


Category Entered in:   Hand Applique - Medium
Entered by:                 Pat Peters
Quilted by:                  Pat Peters
Name of Quilt:            Baltimore Spring
Description:                I have made many of the P3 Designs quilts and
                                   enjoy making every one of them.  This quilt is my
                                   fifth of her Baltimore quilts.


Category Entered in:   Pieced
Entered by:   Jan Passek
Quilted by:     Pati Beck
Name of Quilt:  Springdale 
                         Community Quilt

Inspired by the beauty of Zion National Park, this quilt represents a community effort to showcase our pride in Springdale, Utah.  Blocks are original designs from community members.


Category Entered in:   Hand Applique - Medium
Entered by:                  Name withheld by Request
Description:                 The pattern is Octopuses Garden by P3 Designs.

Category:  Art            1st Place

Name of Quilt:            Poppies
Description:                Made in a workshop taught by Jane Sassaman
                                   where I learned so much about  color, innovation
                                   and simplicity.

Category:  Artistic      1st Place

Entered by:                 Doris Claude
Quilted by:                  Doris Claude
Name of Quilt:            Tiffany
Description:                This quilt is a raw edge appliqued mosaic tree.
                                   Cotton batiks on black kona cotton background
                                   with Luminere metallic paints added for shine. 
                                   This reminds me of a Tiffany lampshade.

Category:  Artistic      2nd Place

Name of Quilt:            Dusty Ole' Boots
Description:                This quilt was adapted from a Leaning Tree
                                   greeting card with permission from the artist,
                                   Lisa Danielle, Paintbrush Studios.  Rowel and
                                   buckles are from my husband's grandfather's old

Category:  Artistic -  3rd Place

Entered by:      Judie Weiss            Name of Quilt:  Line Dancing
Quilted by:        Judie Weiss
Description:  This piece consists of four of the basic boot groups:  flower; tuxedo; patriotic; steampunk.

Category:  Art - Landscape   1st Place

Name of Quilt:            Autumn's Early Light
Description:                When the sun begins to peek through the slits in
                                   our canyons in the early morning mist, we get to
                                   truly enjoy the colors and carving on their walls.
                                   This is an attempt to bring in the third dimension
                                   in our quilts.

Category:  Art - Landscape    2nd Place

Entered by:                 Sue Gilgen
Name of Quilt:            Aspen Red
Quilted by:                  Sue Gilgen
Description:                An exercise in red and white created to
                                   celebrate the Ruby Jubilee 40th Anniversary of
                                   the Utah Quilt Guild. 
                                   PS - there really are aspen with red leaves!

Category:  Art - Landscape   
3rd Place
Name of Quilt:  Time & Glacier
Description:  The beautiful Yosemite Valley was carved by glaciers long ago.  I used applique and some paint on a scaled drawing to conceal some of the life within it.


Category:  Hand Applique - Small    1st Place

Entered by:       Sue Hawkes         
Name of Quilt:  Bringing Home the Tree
Quilted by:        Sue Hawkes      
Description:      This was a really fun quilt to make.  I love the mixture
                         of woven fabrics with the wool.  A great piece to
                         embellish.  The pattern is Bringing Home the Tree by
                         Buttermilk Basin.

Category:  Hand Applique - Small    2nd Place

Entered by:          Florance Green            
Name of Quilt:     African Safari
Quilted by:           Florance Green   
Description:         I love to applique and learn new embroidery stitches. 
                            This pattern had both.  I loved doing it.  The pattern
                             is Folk Tails by Sue Spargo.

Category:  Hand Applique - Small     3rd Place
Name of Quilt:   Summertime
Description:       I love applique.  This quilt pattern, Garden of Applique
                          by Peggy Waltman caught my eye.  Every time I look
                          at this quilt, I smile and think of summer.

Category:  Hand Applique - Medium   1st Place

Name of Quilt:  Octopuses Garden

Description:  This quilt is a whimsical underwater scene of colorful sea life, coral shell and other objects found near the ocean or on the ocean floor.  The pattern is Octopuses Garden by Buttermilk Basin.

Category:  Hand Applique - Medium    2nd Place

Entered By:        Florance Green
Name of Quilt:   Times and Seasons         
Quilted By:         Florance Green
Description:        My first attempt at silk ribbon embroidery.  It was
                           fun to try something new.  The pattern is Times and
                           Seasons by Piecemakers.

Category:  Hand Applique - Medium     3rd Place

Description:       This pattern is Wild Birds by Carol Armstrong.

Category:  Hand Applique - Large     1st Place
Description:        The pattern is by Patricia Cox.

Category:  Hand Applique - Large     2nd Place

Name of Quilt:     Village
Description: The village (houses and plants) are surrounded by a small
                    sidewalk, which allows the walker to see the flower
                    garden.  A fence borders the flowers.  It's purpose is to
                    keep out the wild animals.  Kaffe fabric is fussy cut and
                    hand appliqued.  The pattern is Village by Kim McLean.

Category:  Hand Applique - Large     3rd Place

Entered by:         Lee Yarrell         
Name of Quilt:    Garden Party
Quilted by:          Country Corner Quilts, Harrison, AR
Description:        Hand wool applique flowers with a modern pieced
                           block and setting.  The original block was designed
                           in EQ, with stylized flowers for wool applique.

Category:  Handwork       1st Place

Description:    A Tree of Life Panel by Mary Koval was deconstructed
                       and then, using Broderie Perse, was placed in a wreath
                       design.  Hand applique, reverse applique, english paper
                       piecing, machine piecing and hand-sewn mitering on the
                       corners were all techniques used to make this quilt.
                       The pattern is by Diane Ford-Hall.

Category:  Handwork       2nd Place

Entered by:             Barbara Thorne           
Name of Quilt:        Redwork
Quilted by:              Barbara Thorne
Description:            The embroidered blocks were made by my
                               Grandmother around 1910.  The pineapple
                               blocks  were made by me with leftover fabric
                               from a quilt I made in 1990. I made this quilt
                               in 2018.

Category:   Machine Applique    1st Place

Entered by:          Sue Hawkes               
Name of Quilt:     Yesterday Remembered
Quilted by:           Sue Hawkes
Description:         This is a Kim Diehl pattern from her Simple
                            Graces book.  Fabric is from Basic Gray.  I love
                            what the beading did for this quilt.

Category:  Machine Applique   2nd Place

Entered by:        Betty Kislinger               
Name of Quilt:   Cottontail Trail
Quilted by:         Natalia Bonner        
Description:       I made this quilt while recovering from bronchitis.  It
                          was a joy to use the beautiful fabrics.  This is Bunny
                          Town by the Quilt Company.

Category:  Machine Applique     3rd  Place

Entered by:           Doreen Weyland             
Name of Quilt:      Winter Blessing
Quilted by:            Holli Williams-Sosa
Description:          I enjoy Kim Diehl's designs and fabric choices.
                             This was a fun pattern / kit to sew. 
                             The pattern is Winter Blessings by Kim Diehl.

Category:  Machine Embroidery       1st Place

Entered by:           Lynne Gleed          
Name of Quilt:      Affairs of the Heart
Quilted by:            Pati Beck
Description:          This is a project using machine embroidery.  A small
                             group of quilters each made their own version.  The
                             pattern is Affairs of the Heart by Aie Rossman.

Category:  Machine Embroidery       2nd Place

Category:  Machine Embroidery       3rd Place

Entered by:        Betty Kislinger             
Name of Quilt:   Jingle All the Way
Quilted by:         Cathie Purdie
Description:        I couldn't wait to get up every morning just to work
                           on this quilt.  Jingle All the Way by Kimberbell.

Category:  Pieced - Foundation       1st Place

Entered by:       Lynn Coble          
Name of Quilt:  Francesca
Quilted by:        Lynn Coble
Description:      While in Italy this past year, I was inspired by all the
                         beautiful inlaid Italian mosaic patterns displayed on the
                         floors of palaces and chapels.  This encouraged me to
                         complete this quilt, which I started over ten years ago.
                         A good memory of my trip and a completed UFO.  The
                        pattern is Bella Bella Quilts by Nora McMeeking.

Category:  Pieced - Foundation        2nd Place

Entered by:       Lynn Coble            
Name of Quilt:  Armando
Quilted by:        Lynn Coble    
Description:      After a trip to Italy, I was inspired to complete this paper
                         piecing quilt I started about seven years ago.  It reminds
                         me of the beautiful patterns inlaid in the floors of
                         palaces and chapels in Italy.  The pattern is a Christmas
                         Tree skirt by Judy Niemeyer.

Category:  Pieced - Foundation       3rd Place

Name of Quilt:   Paradise in Bloom
Description:      Pattern by Judy Niemeyer

Category:  Pieced - Stationary Quilted       1st Place

Entered By:        Wanda Bublik
Category:           Pieced - Stationary Quilted
Awarded:           1st Place
Quilted By:         Wanda Bublik
Description:        When I saw this pattern in McCalls Magazine 2013,
                           I loved the fabrics!  In 2014, I bought the fabric. 
                           Finally in 2019, I resized the block, and as I pieced,
                           I began to think of the woodland creatures.  The
                           pattern is Misty Pines by Patti Carey.

Category:  Pieced - Stationary Quilted        2nd Place

Entered by:           Jane Madsen       
Name of Quilt:      Civil War Love Letters
Quilted by:            Maika Christensen
Description:          I made blocks each month for a block of the
                             month.  I put them together; no pattern was
                             provided for finishing the quilt.  The pattern
                             name is Civil War Love Letters.

Category:  Pieced - Small        1st Place

Name of Quilt:    Jack Straw          
Description:        Inspired from a workshop titled Jack Straw.  I selected
                           one block from the quilt to make a small blue and
                           brown quilt. 

Category:  Pieced - Small        2nd Place

Entered by:        Pati Beck             
Name of Quilt:   Old Linen / New Life
Quilted by:         Pati Beck
Description:       I collect old lined and when I found the pale
                          yardage, I knew this old tablecloth deserved
                          new life.  Quilted and hand sewn pearls to
                          highlight the beautiful old stitching.

Category:  Pieced - Small         3rd Place

Entered by:          Jeannette Ivy        
Name of Quilt:     Jet & Icterine
Quilted by:           Jeanette Ivy
Description:         This quilt is made with the traditional drunkards
                            path block.  The unique placement and colors
                            used cause it to have a very modern look.

Category:  Pieced - Medium         1st Place

Entered by:         Sharon Friedman               
Name of Quilt:     Metamorphosis
Quilted by:           Linda Brown
Description:         I enjoyed the challenge of this 13-year project. 
                            Hand-applique and redesigning a pattern were
                            both new to me when I started, but I achieved both. 
                           The pattern (modified) is Water Lillies by Lotusland.

Category:  Pieced - Medium         2nd Place

Entered by:            Betty Kislinger          
Name of Quilt:       Desert Stars
Quilted by:             Cathie Purdie       
Description:           These are the colors I see when I look out
                              my  window.  The pattern is Desert Stars by
                              Margaret Miller.

Category:  Pieced - Medium         3rd Place

Name of Quilt:    Stacks
Description:        The pattern is Stacks by Chris Hoover
                           of Whirligig Designs

Category:  Pieced - Large         1st Place

Entered by:           Margie Black            
Name of Quilt:      Village of Children
Quilted by:            Margie Black
Description:          I have made several of Robert Callaham's
                             designs.  This is one of my favorites.  The
                             pattern is by Robert Callaham from McCalls
                             Quilting Magazine.

Category:  Pieced - Large         2nd Place

Name of Quilt:    Sunrise Shots
Description:        Impression - the color of sunrise in Florida.

Category:  Pieced - Large         3rd Place

Description:   A modern log cabin

Category:   Youth         1st Place