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Services - Repairs, Rentals, Used Equipment

We offer many types of instrument repair for stringed instruments, band instruments, and other musical equipment. Contact us with your problem, and we'll see if we can help you get it fixed. If we can't fix it, we'll direct you to someone who can.

We do a wide variety of simple to intermediate repair work. We restring and setup stringed instruments, replace pads and corks on most woodwind instruments, and pull mouthpieces from brass instruments, as well as many other tasks at very reasonable rates.

We are unable to assist you with fixing your instrument over the phone. We need to see it in person to assess what it needs and estimate a price for the repair.

We are currently in the process of revising our rental program. Stay tuned for more information. 


Trading Used Equipment

We need to see your used equipment before we can assess its value. We resell used equipment that we purchase and used equipment that is traded to us. 

Trade-ins are welcome and will be assessed in the same way we assess all used equipment. Generally speaking, a trade-in will be more valuable than selling used equipment.


Buying Used Equipment

If you have musical gear you want to sell, check out our policy for buying used equipment:

1. We buy to resell.
2. We use eBay and Reverb to determine the potential value of an item.
3. We offer up to 50% of what the item sells for on eBay and/or Reverb. We may offer less.
4. We take all the risk. The item may sit in our store for a long time, but you will get paid right now.
5. We require a valid photo ID before we can buy any used equipment from you. 
6. We don't buy everything that is offered to us, but we do like to see what you are selling.

Now that you have an idea of how it all works, check out eBay or Reverb and get an idea of what your item might be worth to us.



We are not certified to give appraisals on musical instruments or equipment.


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