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The Hannah Bag design is loosely based on the Louis Vuitton "Neverfull" Bag, purchase price $1.700.00. There are 2 interior zip pockets with a cool swivel clasp closure! And a companion wristlet pouch pattern is included. Woven fabrics such as canvas, denim, home dec, and quilting cottons will work well for constructing the Hanna Bag. Pleather straps & bottom make for a durable bag!

Material Requirements:
3/4 yard Exterior Main Fabric
3/4 yard Exterior Top Fabric
1 Yard Main Fabric
3/4 Yard Canvas
6" x 12" piece of #491 Boasl Moldable DS Fusible Hard Interfacing OR #337F B Craft-tex DS Fusible
1 Paradiso Tiny Swivelhook-Ring Set
1 Paradiso Pleather Kit #1 OR 1/3 yard pleather/faux leather
Thread to match or contrast
Three 9" Zips metal or jean zips preferred

***Use a 100 or 110 needle & a Teflon foot to sew the pleather