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About Me

So, I guess you clicked on this page to find out who the amazing woman is behind Patch Abilities patterns.  It's either that or you are one of those manic mouse clickers who flutters around a website, like a fart in a windstorm, prematurely clicking on buttons and you've . . . uh . . . prematurely . . . clicked on me.

This picture here, sums me up pretty good.  I'm not in the norm, nor can I remember a time when I was. I think normal is rather boring, so naturally being unique is exciting!

Patch Abilities Inc was created by me back in 2004.  It was born in a time when I had lost my job as an Agronomist, my identity, my confidence and of course, my mojo.  I was on my "way out", you could say.  Lucky for me, I refused to succumb to the "poor me mentality" and I turned to my creativity to retain what little sanity I had left. To keep occupied, I began designing quilt patterns for my Mom's quilt shop in an effort to move fabric lines that weren't selling well for her.  It was working.  The fabrics sold along with these one-of-a-kind patterns.  She asked me to publish a pattern for a 6" x 22" wall hanging that she had created so many years ago, but never wrote a pattern for it.  As I began writing the instructions, a flood of ideas hit me for other designs fitting this size.  Wha la!  Patch Abilities patterns were born!  Sound too simple?  Well, that's how true creativity happens.  The ideas just start flooding into your mind and you have to find a way to organize and develop them.  So I must have done something with those ideas, because here you are reading about me on my website!  Welcome home Mojo!
I'm one of those fortunate people who climbed out of the squelching pit of corporate america, started a successful business from scratch (with a healthy dose of determination), and have achieved a level of happiness only my wildest dreams could imagine. My secret to success?

Have the guts to jump out of your box. Kittens do it all the time. A whole world opens up to you, once you develop the strength to jump over the walls. Be a kitten. Jump out of your box. Those are my awe inspiring words of wisdom. Good luck to ya!

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