We would like to thank everyone for the pillowcase pledges you have all made.

In 2017, you gifted roughly 800-1,000 pillowcases to the Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU. The Children's Hospital uses approximately 400 pillowcases a month and we would like to try and meet their demand this year.

If you are new to the pillowcase challenge, here is a tid bit of information: 
You pledge the month(s) and the amount of pillowcases (minimum of 2 pillowcases per pledged month) and make your pillowcases.
For each month that you reach your goal, you will be entered into the $250 Gift Card Drawing* held on December.

Congratulations to our 2017 drawing winner, Barbara W!
Special thanks to Cathy D, our pillowcase challenge liaison, and all of our hardworking guilds and individuals that are able to make this pillowcase challenge a success!

To make your pledges, please click here or see a sales associate in store.