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Denon DN-300BR Rackmount Bluetooth Receiver

1U Stereo Bluetooth Audio Receiver with 100' Wireless Range

Stream wireless audio devices from your phone or tablet to your sound system, the professional way, with Denon’s DN-300BR rackmount Bluetooth receiver. The DN-300BR gives you 100' of wireless reception over Bluetooth 4.0 using the included front- or rear-mounted antenna. So whether it’s trivia at the local tavern or backing tracks in a music venue you're after, you can rest easy with the DN-300BR’s rock-solid Bluetooth connectivity and premium-grade components. Your choice of balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA outputs incorporate this system with any open channel on your board. And thanks to its 8-blank internal memory, the Denon DN-300BR from Sweetwater comes equipped to interface with all your mobile devices.