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Instrument Needs Repair?


My guitar is broken, can you fix it?
Yes! You've came to the right place. Bring your guitar in and our knowledgeable staff will be able to give you a free evaluation.

How long does a repair take?
Restrings take up to 24 hours. Timeline on all other repairs vary. Most repairs have a 1-2 week turnaround, but sometimes this changes due to the need of special/particular parts, or a large volume of repairs in the shop. We can give you a better estimate at the time of evaluation. 

Does temperature and humidity really affect my instrument?
Most definitely. Guitars are made from wood and environmental factors definitely create a difference. Very hot or very cold temperatures, or even drastic changes in temperature and humidity, will take a toll on your instrument. Resulting in the need for more frequent set ups. Set ups ensure that your guitar neck and body are not warping and what can be done to prolong the life and quality of your instrument. 

How often do I need a restring? A setup?
Restrings are needed depending on how often you play and is also slightly preference. We recommend that if you play daily, that strings are changed every 4 weeks. 

Guitar set-ups are recommended about twice per year, newer guitars should be check about 3 times in the first year.  A guitar setup ensures that your electric, acoustic or bass is performing at peak condition, keeps little things from going out of whack and personalizes the instrument to your preferences. 

During a set up, we do the following: 
  • - Removing the strings and possibly replacing them
  • - Cleaning the nut so the strings sit perfectly in their corresponding grooves
  • - Adjusting the neck by tightening or loosening the truss rod 
  • - Pinpointing the height of the pickups 
  • - Fine-tuning the height of the bridge
  • - Setting the intonation by shortening or lengthening the scale length of each string

Do you repair electronics within a guitar?
Yes! We offer services on pick up installations, potentiometer installs, wiring repairs, pick up selector switches, and output jacks. 

Band and Orchestral Repairs

What regular maintenance needs to be done on a band instrument?
Woodwind instruments have corks that need to be regularly greased. Dry corks will make it hard to put the instrument together and take it apart, and eventually these corks will dry out to the point where they will crack off. 

Woodwind instruments also need to be swabbed thoroughly after each use to prolong the life of pads. 

Brass instruments that have valves should be oiled regularly. All removable pieces should be cleaned and greased with slide grease regularly to ensure that they do not get dry and stuck.

My instrument is leaking air, can you fix this?
Yes. This is usually caused due to outworn or missing pads or corks. Bring your instrument down to the shop and we would be more than happy to take a look at it for you. 

My instrument got dented, could you guys dedent it for me?
Yes. Dents can be either cosmetic or in some cases, the instrument cannot be played correctly with a dent. The cost varies depending on the severity of the dent but we always offer free estimates.