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It’s April already, and I’m not fooling! Oh, how time flies!

The Vernal Equinox – and the official start of spring – was March 20th, and the visual display of daffodils, tulips, and cherry blossoms just warms my heart. My backyard bird feeders are seeing a lot of action as the migratory birds as well as the backyard residents eat at my bird buffet, and it inspires me to finish a quilt I started a while back that has fun birds on it. Maybe you have a quilt with a spring theme to it that you’ll be inspired to get out and begin working on again.

This month, we will be meeting in person (see separate newsletter article for details) and also via Zoom, and we will draw the winner of our Raffle Quilt, “Valley of the Kings” at the morning meeting. I want to thank everyone who worked on the quilt, whether it was designing, sewing, quilting, or marketing tickets for it. It was our only fundraiser this year, and we appreciate your help. Dianne Nordyke deserves a huge thank you as she worked on every single facet of the project.

Before closing, I want to encourage you to volunteer for our Guild. It is only by the strength of our volunteers that we are able to continue to meet, continue to learn and grow, and continue to give back to our community. The more you participate in Guild activities and/or volunteer for Guild positions, the more you’ll get out of the Guild and the more you’ll enjoy all it has to offer. Thank you for your consideration on this.

Yours in quilting,

Marsha Eibert, AM President