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At Sew Sew Studio, you can find fabrics, sewing machines, sewing classes, and sewing machine repair services in Athens and Northeast GA.
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Janome Longarm Quilting Machines

Sew Sew Studio is your premier resource for longarm sales, education classes, and rental sessions!

 Our Longarm Quilting Machines:
(NEW!) Quilt Maker 15"

• Quilt Maker Pro 16”
• Quilt Maker Pro 18” Versa With Built-In Stitch Regulator
• Quilt Maker Pro 18” With 8’ Frame
• Quilt Maker Pro 20”


Optional Quilting Software:
(NEW!) ProStitcher Lite

• ProStitcher Premium

We also offer longarm familiarization classes for quilters who'd like to know how to use a longarm machine. After you attend one of our classes and would like to quilt on a longarm machine, you can book a rental session on our QMP 20 to finish your quilts! To learn more about this program, please click HERE

Why Purchase A Longarm Machine From Us?
We are here to make sure that you are happy with and understand your new longarm machine. You can count on our lasting support long after you make your longarm purchase.

Every longarm purchase will benefit from the following:

• Try-before-you-buy 

• Free in-home set-up and owner training* 

• Free unlimited owner lessons and support 

• Free continuing longarm education classes 

• On-site servicing; the first service after your purchase is free 

• Flexible financing options**

**Terms apply

*Free in-home setup is only applicable to customers who live in a particular radius around our store. If you’d like to learn more about which areas we cover, please give us a call at 678-661-0201. 

Ready to learn more about our Janome longarms? Give us a call at 678-661-0201, email us at, or keep exploring our longarm offerings below!

New Arrivals


Sales, Classes, And Rentals


If you're ready to purchase a longarm, sign up for a class, or book a rental session, give us a call at 678-661-0201. We'd love to help you!