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At Sew Sew Studio, you can find fabrics, sewing machines, sewing classes, and sewing machine repair services in Athens and Northeast GA.
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Sew Sew Studio Knows Quilting Machines

At Sew Sew Studio, we are all about quilting! From the frequent quilting classes on our Class Calendar, to our studio walls lined with beautiful quilt-weight cotton fabrics, we know a thing or two about the art of quilting. But of course, a quilt shop wouldn’t be complete without a wide selection of high-quality quilting machines for sale! We carry Janome and Elna sewing machine brands, and offer complimentary owner’s classes to any quilter who purchases a machine from Sew Sew Studio. There’s nothing worse than a sewing machine left in the attic for a “rainy day” – we make sure you know how to use your machine so that you can get to it right away! 

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Quilting Machines That We Carry

Some of the Janome sewing machine models that we carry include:

3160 QDC

4120 QDC

5300 QDC

Memory Craft 6700 Professional

Horizon Memory Craft 8450

Continental M7 Professional

HD9 Professional

HD9BE Professional

From Elna, we offer the elnita ef72.

For an updated list, be sure to check out our Sewing Machines page by clicking here. Look under the “Quilting” section.

Quilting Machine Features You Can’t Go Without


Decorative stitch options


Quilting machines tend to come with a large number of built-in stitches, which make finishing a quilt or border with decorative flair a breeze. Models like our Janome Continental M7 Professional quilting machine have 400 built-in stitches, and even more inexpensive models like the 3160 QDC have 60 stitches built-in. Okay, but what ARE built in stitches? They are programmed stitch patterns that “automate” the process of simple and complex stitches for ease of use, speed, and accuracy. Built-in stitches are a feature that cannot be changed later, so when considering your new machine purchase, you should make sure that the machine that you buy has the built-in stitches that you need to pursue your dream projects! If you need help deciding which machine or which stitches you may need, call us at 678-661-0201. One of our sewing machine sales associates would be glad to help!

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High-quality feed system

Janome’s Superior Feed System features something called box feeding, wherein the feed teeth that pull the fabric through your machine are level and move as a unit. This allows the fabric to stay even and move smoothly, which is absolutely essential for sewing at the fast speeds required to finish that king-size quilt (whew!) The unique motion of the Janome Superior Feed System makes sewing with all fabrics easy – another essential feature for quilts that combine a variety of fabrics and recycled fabric scraps. To see the Janome feed system in action, click here to watch it on YouTube.

Memorized needle up/down


This seemingly insignificant feature is a life saver when it comes to quilting. A memorized needle up/down key allows you to either have your machine needle stop in the “down” or “up” position. A favorite feature of quilters, programming the needle to stop in the “down” position ensures your fabric doesn’t slip when you stop working to adjust your hands or the fabric. When pivoting around curves and corners, this simple feature saves so much time and keeps your quilting stitches clean and straight. 

Lock stitch button


A built-in lock stitch feature enables you to program your machine to sew a certain number of stitches and then stop sewing. It’s available on many newer electronic machines, including the models that we carry in-store at Sew Sew Studio. Why is this feature useful for quilters? Put simply, it eliminates the need for backstitching. Backstitching is done by sewing backward and forward at the beginning and end of a seam. This often leaves you with stray threads that can be noticeable and unsightly, especially when working with fine fabric. In addition, backstitching can interfere with the natural drape of certain fabrics. Lock Stitching, on the other hand, results in a cleaner finish. It sews a single stitch backward and forward, without repeated stitches. When you’re busy sewing together hundreds of squares for your quilt, this feature can minimize stray threads and keep your final project looking clean and tidy.


Crammed with tons of useful features including a large workspace, some of the newest electronic sewing machines can be bulky. However, weight and portability is a feature you’ll want to consider if you’re in the market for a quilting machine, especially if you plan on joining a quilting club or guild. Due to the monotonous nature of quilting, one thing new quilters quickly discover is that it’s a lot more fun to quilt with others than alone! Manufacturers know this! That’s why the Janome 3160 QDC model weighs only 12 pounds, which makes it the perfect portable quilting machine.

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Speed (stitches per minute)


Speed is an extremely important feature for a quilting machine to have, especially when you’re going after a Queen or King-size quilt for your next project! Some of our models in-store like the elnita ef72 sew up to 1,000 stitches per minute. Others like the Memory Craft 6700 can sew up to 1,200 stitches per minute! That is, if you can handle it! Don’t worry - it takes practice, and Janome’s smooth feed system really helps you stay in control. If you want to have a reference point, check out this video of an industrial grade sewing machine doing 1,100 stitches per minute. Click here to watch.

Enclosed ball bearings for quiet and smooth sewing


Rolling bearings, or “ball bearings,” are a great feature to have on a sewing machine that will see many hours of work in the creation of a quilt masterpiece. Ball bearings make Janome sewing machines low noise, low vibration, and high precision. In this way, they aid in a machine’s speed and stability. Talk to one of our sewing machine sales reps for more information on how this mechanical component sets Janome and elna machines apart from the rest. Or, come test out a machine in our store and experience the difference for yourself! 

Jumbo bobbin


On a quilting machine, a jumbo bobbin allows you to spend less time threading your machine (which, even for the experienced quilter, can be tedious), and more time finishing your quilt!

Larger workspace / extension table


A key feature – perhaps the most important for quilters – is the large workspace that comes with quilting machine models. This feature is what truly makes these machines designed for quilting. Sewing squares together is all fine and dandy – but when it comes to finishing your quilt, you can imagine how that amount of fabric would have a hard time fitting in a traditional machine. Sure, the edges are easy, but the middle of the quilt requires quilters to fold or roll the quilt to allow the machine to reach that section. This is where a larger workspace comes in handy. If you take a look at the sewing machines on our website, you’ll notice that the arms of quilting machines are longer, allowing more fabric to fit in the machine. For a prime example of this, check out our Long Arm Quilting Machines that we have for sale, and for rent in-store! The ultimate machine for the avid quilter, long arm machines completely solve the issue of finishing a large quilt. Come on by and check it out.

Useful add-ons - quarter inch foot, free motion foot, walking foot


Experienced quilters will be all too familiar with what we call “quilt math.” To make a perfect quilt, accurate quarter inch seam allowances are very important! They are easily achieved with a quarter inch foot attachment because the distance from the center needle opening to the right hand edge of the needle is ¼ inch. 

A free motion foot allows a quilter to sew freely in different directions. Sew right through thick layers of fabric – as many as you can fit under the foot! This add-on feature is necessary for free-motion quilting. Let your creativity shine as you quilt your own custom pattern to finish your quilt!

A walking foot is great for evenly feeding layers of fabric and batting through the machine while you work on your quilt. This foot “grabs onto” the top layer of fabric and moves it under the needle in sequence with the machine’s feed system which works underneath the fabric.

Ready to purchase a quilting machine?


We hope this article helped familiarize you with many of the features that make quilting machines the ultimate choice for the quilter. Quilting can be done on an Everyday/Beginner machine, but if quilting is your project-of-choice, consider a quilting machine to make your life easier and open up creative possibilities with the plethora of features that come built-in to these awesome machines.

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What’s next? Call us at 678-661-0201 or come in to the shop at 2971 Monroe Highway, Suite 121 Bogart, GA to give one of our quilting machines a spin!

We’ll see you at Sew Sew!