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Janome has a stellar lineup of high-end quilting machines. These machines have every feature you could possibly imagine, each of which is specially designed to give you the best and most convenient sewing experience.

Janome, however, is always innovating, and now, it has taken two of its top-of-the-line models, the MC 9450 and the Continental M7, and made them even better. 

Meet the Continental M8 and Memory Craft 9480 sewing machines! They are amongst the two best machines that you could ever own.


The Janome MC 9480 Sewing MachineThe Memory Craft 9480
The Janome Continental M8 Sewing MachineThe Continental M8


The MC 9480 and Continental M8 sewing machines combine luxury features, a sleek design, and dozens of included accessories to help you achieve the greatest projects that you have ever made. They can do it ALL, but if we tried to explain everything that they're capable of, we’d be here for days. Instead, we'll tell you the most important things you need to know about these phenomenal models.


What makes the MC 9480 and Continental M8 stand out from the pack are two things:
Their extra-large throat spaces and compatibility with Janome’s Accurate Stitch Regulator.

Accurate Stitch Regulator (ASR)

Janome's Accurate Stitch Regulator
To use the ASR, simply attach its cable to a slot on the back of the machine.
Janome's Accurate Stitch Regulator
Ta-dah! You're now ready to start stitching.


Are you a free-motion quilter? The ASR is going to change the way you quilt.

Free-motion quilting is notoriously tricky because you have to “match” how fast you move your fabric relative to how fast your needle moves. If you go too fast, you’ll get inconsistent stitches, wind up exasperated, and start shouting, “I will NEVER sew again!” The ASR will remove all of this stress. It'll detect how fast you're moving your fabric and automatically adjust your needle’s speed, ensuring that you’ll achieve consistent stitches every time. Even if you’re not FMQ-proficient, you can still produce beautiful, professional-grade FMQ work with the ASR.

(In short, with a stitch regulator, you will be able to get PERFECT and EVEN stitches as you do free-motion quilting, no matter how fast you move your fabric.)

Besides the CM17 and longarm models, Janome has never offered a stitch regulator on its sewing machines. The fact that the ASR is now compatible with two models is a really big deal. Every quilter has been waiting for this moment!

Extra-Large Work Areas

The Janome MC 9480 Sewing Machine
The MC 9480 boasts 11” of throat space to the right of the needle.
The Janome Continental M8 Sewing Machine
The CM8, on the other hand, features an astounding 13.5” workspace to the right of the needle. It's the largest in the industry!


Throat space is another sought-after attribute that many quilters seek when buying a new machine. The MC 9480 and CM8 offer generous work areas, allowing you to work on small and large projects without struggling to fit them under your machine. All you’ll have to do is slide your quilt under the CM8 and start stitching — it’s never been easier to finish a project.

Pro Tip: Double your work area with the extension table included with both machines!



Janome's AcuFeed Flex System
A walking foot on steroids! This dual-feed system is integrated into the machine and is designed to eliminate puckering or shifting when you’re sewing. It's great for regular quilting, attaching binding, sewing thin, slippery fabrics, bag straps, and much more.
Janome Continental M8 sewing machine
LCD TouchScreen
A screen that basically thinks for you! Save your favorite stitch settings, activate Floating Mode when you’re working with tricky or delicate fabrics, or use the Sewing Application folder to get step-by-step instructions on how to sew all kinds of sewing techniques. (Seriously, the SA feature is awesome. It suggests what presser foot you should use, automatically adjusts the tension, and even lowers the feed dogs!)
One-step needle plate conversion
It's the small things...
One-step needle plate conversion, an ultra-fancy automatic presser foot lift, and a new and improved Superior Needle Threader that won’t bend or break like previous systems complete the MC 9480 and Continental M8.


Janome Continental M8 sewing machine
Janome sewing accessories

Stitches - 400 (MC 9480) and 450 (Continental M8)
Convenience Features - Thread cutter, speed control slider, start/stop control, and locking stitch button.
Super high speeds - The MC 9480 can stitch at up to 1,060 SPM, while the CM8 has a 1,300 SMP count!
• All the accessories - You’ll never have to step foot in a sewing store ever again because both of these machines come with dozens of included presser feet and sewing accessories. (It was great knowing you! )

To get a full list of both machines' features, visit the product pages for the MC 9480 and Continental M8.


The MC 9480 and Continental M8 are the perfect machines for quilters, but what if you don't quilt?
No matter what kind of sewist you are - whether that be a bagmaker, garment-sewist, thread artist, or a multifaceted maker - any one of these two machines would be a tremendous addition to your sewing room!

• Bagmakers will love the power of the CM8.
• Thread artists, rejoice! Both machines have a variable zig-zag setting, allowing you to add greater depth and dimension to your work.
• Garment sewists, everything you need to make "Oh-I-can't-believe-you-made-that!" clothing is right at your fingertips. Experiment with the machines' wide variety of decorative stitches, add buttonholes with just a simple tap on the screen, stitch rolled and overedge hems, do smocking, create eyelets, gather... the list goes on and on!

We've covered a lot of ground, but there is still so much more to discover about the MC 9480 and Continental M8.
Let us show you everything that these amazing machines can do!

Visit our store to get an in-person demo of one (or both) of these machines. Play with the stitch regulators, bring your projects to see how they perform on the machines, and ask us any and all questions. We'll gladly answer them, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff would be happy to help you decide which model is right for you.

Alternatively, you can also call us at 678-661-0201, or send us an email at

Do you currently own an MC 9450, a Continental M7, or any other Janome machine?
We'd be happy to have you trade it in for the MC 9480 or Continental M8!

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