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At Sew Sew Studio, you can find fabrics, sewing machines, sewing classes, and sewing machine repair services in Athens and Northeast GA.
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Beginner Sewing Machines at Sew Sew Studio

Janome Sewing Machine Dealer in Bogart, GA

At Sew Sew Studio, we carry a variety of machines for everyday use from the beloved, easy-to-use Janome brand. Machines such as MyStyle100, 2212, 2222, Sewist 721, Sewist 780DC, DC1050, and HD3000 are part of our lineup of beginner Janome machines. In addition, we offer Janome’s sister brand, elna, and carry the elna Sew Fun, Sew Green and eXperience 550. Each of these machines is an excellent choice for creative persons and craft enthusiasts. So, what exactly makes a great beginner sewing machine?

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Characteristics of Beginner and “Everyday” Sewing Machines

You may be tempted to think that the pricier and more advanced a sewing machine, the more one can do with it. While this may be technically true, our lineup of everyday sewing machines offer one important feature: ease of use. This is why beginner machines are a great choice for children who want to learn to sew, or for the everyday user who desires to complete basic projects or household seamstress work with their machine.

Every sewing machine purchased at Sew Sew Studio comes with complimentary owner’s classes! You’ll have sewing enthusiasts and Janome experts there to guide you through all the knobs, buttons, functions and accessories of your new sewing machine.

Here are some key characteristics of our everyday machine lineup:

Built-In Stitches

Janome MyStyle100, 2212, 2222, Sewist 721, Sewist 780DC, DC1050, HD3000
Elna Sew Fun, Sew Green and eXperience 550

What are built-in stitches? These are sets of movements programmed into the machine that make the needle move correctly to form a type of stitch. Different types of stitches are commonly used for different types of projects. So, ask yourself: What will I be using my sewing machine for? If you want to use your sewing machine for making clothes, quilting, and maybe creating home decor items, you’re going to need specific built-in stitches in your beginner machine. Below is a guide to which built-in stitches can help with different projects.

Don’t worry - you can always call us at the studio at 678-661-0201 or email us at and we’ll be more than happy to help you determine which beginner machine is best for your needs.

Do you want to be a seamstress?

Mending clothes - Look for a machine with a straight stitch, blind hem stitch, and zigzag.

Making clothes - You’ll want to look for a machine with an overcasting or overlocking stitch.

Do you want to work with specialty fabrics?

Stretchy fabrics - You want stretch stitches like a zigzag, blind hem, and overlocking or overcasting stretch stitch.

Lace and delicate fabrics - A decorative stitch will work well with attaching lace to a garment or project.

Canvas-weight and heavier fabrics - For home decor, we often use heavier weight fabrics with larger fibers that easily fray. For this, you’ll want an overcast or overlock stitch.

Do you want to be a quilter?

While we also carry Janome quilting machines, a beginner machine can be used for quilting, too! Look for a hand look quilting stitch and some decorative stitches.

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Buttonhole Functions

Machines with One-Step Buttonhole: 2222, Sewist 780DC, DC1050, HD3000, elna eXperience 550

Machines with Four-Step Buttonhole: MyStyle 100, 2212, Sewist 721, elna Sew Fun, elna Sew Green

Buttons are essential for making wearable garments and can also be used decoratively on pillows and more. Our beginner sewing machine lineup includes machines that are capable of one-step and four-step buttonholes. So, what’s the difference?

One-step buttonhole machines are totally automatic. The machine creates the entire buttonhole without stopping, and you can be sure that the buttonhole is symmetrical and that the button will fit snugly.

Four-step buttonhole machines are also automatic, but require the seamstress or whoever is operating the machine to turn the stitch selector knob a couple of times as you move through the steps in creating the buttonhole. However, it can result in buttonholes that look less consistent. A one-step buttonhole machine is also faster at completing the task.

If you plan on sewing a lot of buttons, and you’re a bit of a perfectionist, then a one-step buttonhole Janome or elna sewing machine is probably the right choice for you.

Built-In Needle Threader

Machines with Automatic Needle Threader: 2222, Sewist 721, Sewist 780DC, HD3000, DC1050, elna eXperience 550

An indispensable feature for those of us with maturing eyesight, a built-in needle threader can save time and frustration. An automatic needle threader (or built-in needle threader) is a lever that brings the thread through a sewing machine needle for you, so that you never have to lick the end of a thread or squint your eyes!

Top Loading Drop-in Bobbin

Machines with a Top Load Bobbin: MyStyle100, Sewist 721, Sewist 780DC, DC1050, HD3000, elna eXperience 550

Many Janome machines (and their sister brand, elna) come with Janome’s Easy Set Bobbin, which is the same thing as a drop-in or top-loading bobbin. This setup came after the front-loading bobbin, which can be difficult to master and slow you down when replacing your bobbin.

As stated on the Janome website: “With the easy set bobbin, all you have to do is to drop in your bobbin, making sure it’s in the correct counter-clockwise direction, pull the thread along the guides, then pop the cover back on.”

An additional helpful feature of top loading, drop in bobbins on Janome machines is a see-through bobbin cover, so that you can see when your thread is running out rather than being caught by surprise (or worse, not noticing!)

Take a closer look at Janome’s Easy Set Bobbin by clicking here.

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Pin Cushion

A pin cushion that rests on top of your machine can be super helpful when you’re in the midst of a fast-moving project. All of our beginner machines come with a place on top to add Janome’s cute little pin cushions. Really it’s the spot for the extra spool pin to attach when needed, but when it’s not needed, it’s the perfect place for your pin cushion! We carry machine pin cushions in the store.

Computerized Sewing Machines with LED Screen and Speed Control Slider

Computerized sewing machines: DC1050, Sewist 780DC, elna eXperience 550

For beginners, a computerized sewing machine with an LED screen takes away some of the knobs and buttons on non-computerized machines. For some users, these machines can be easier to control and learn. For others, mechanical machines are similar to those they grew up sewing on and feel more familiar.

There are a couple of advantages to a speed control slider for a beginner. First, it takes time to get used to controlling sewing machine speed with a foot pedal. Machines with a speed control slider give you two options for control: foot pedal and slider. For long sewing sessions, this feature allows you to rest your foot all the way down on the pedal without causing your sewing machine to stitch at the fastest setting. It will only stitch as fast as the speed control slider is set to stitch. The speed control slider also makes it easier to stitch small seams and small projects.

Not sure which you prefer? Visit Sew Sew Studio in Bogart, GA to try out our mechanical and computerized sewing machines!

Check out this chart for a quick summary of features on these everyday sewing machines:

Buying a Beginner Sewing Machine from Sew Sew Studio

When you purchase a sewing machine from Sew Sew, you’re getting more than a machine! As mentioned previously, every sewing machine purchase comes with free owner’s classes to make sure that you know every knob, switch, function and accessory on your machine.

The first service on your machine (approx one year after purchase) is free of charge, as well. We’ll clean and tune your machine to make sure it stays in tip-top shape.

You’ll also get a $29 coupon to apply toward a studio class where you can learn to use your machine on a fun, take-home project! Our studio offers classes weekly including quilting classes, crafts, embroidery classes, and more. Check out our class calendar and join us! Joining us in-studio for a class also allows you to try out a beginner sewing machine so that if you’re totally new to sewing, you can get an idea of the functions you need and prefer.

Any questions? Get in touch with us to learn more about what our studio can offer! Call us at 678-661-0201 or email We’ll see you at Sew Sew!

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