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Woodsongs Instrument Rental Info, Prices and FAQs

  • Rent to own a band instrument, folk instrument, or 4/4 size orchestra instrument (no obligation to buy).
  • All rental fees (excluding optional plan fees) apply toward purchase of above instruments.
  • Flexible instrument exchange options.
  • Optional Maintenance Plan available for band and orchestra instruments.
  • Fractional instruments are rent only. Rental credit up to 1/2 the cost of the full-size instrument may be applied toward owning the full-size instrument.
  • Rental fees on exchanges may vary slightly.
  • 20% discount off remaining balance for early buyout (for rent-to-own instruments).
  • A two-month minimum is required for all rentals.
  • All used instruments are cleaned and sanitized.


Not including taxes. Please note that we have a 2 month minimum on all rentals, so the initial rental payment equals 2 monthly rental fees.

$23.00     Clarinets, Trumpets, Trombones, Violins & Violas, Percussion Kits, Snare Kits (good condition)

$25.00     Piccolos, Flutes, Clarinets, Trumpets, Trombones, Violins & Violas, Percussion and Snare Kits (brand new or excellent condition)

$42.00     Cellos, Alto Saxes, Oboes (good condition)

$54.00     Cellos, Alto Saxes, Oboes (brand new or excellent condition)

$65.00     Baritones & French Horns (all conditions)

$30.00     Guitars (standard rental with option to buy), Banjos, Mandolins (all conditions)

$60.00     Short term guitar rentals.  Higher quality guitar with pickup.  2 days (2 day minimum) / $15 per day after the first two days. Or $95 per week / $15 each additional day (unless rented at weekly rate for more than one week).

Optional Maintenance Plan Fee: $6.00 for all band and most orchestral instruments. Cellos are $10/month.

Can I rent by the day or week?
Our minimum rental rates for all instruments (except for short term guitar rentals) are equivalent to the first two months of rent, regardless of how long it is needed. Our monthly rates are affordable and competitive.

What do I need to bring to fill out a rental contract?
A driver's license or other form of official government ID (passport, state ID card) and a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover). Debit cards with Visa or Mastercard logos are acceptable.

Can someone else rent for me?
The rental is in the name of the credit card holder - the ID will need to match and the credit card holder will need to sign the rental contract.

What size instrument does my child need?
Stringed instruments (violin, viola, cello) come in a variety of sizes and require proper sizing either by the teacher or us. We cannot guess the size based on their age or grade level. Most brass (trumpet, trombone) and woodwind (flute, clarinet, saxophone) instruments are standard sizes. The two most common saxophones are alto (smaller) and tenor (larger); most elementary school age children typically start with an alto saxophone. To watch a video on string sizing, please CLICK HERE.

Can I rent an instrument without bringing the student?
For stringed instruments, if your teacher has sized them and provided you that information, you can come in without the student. If not, we will need to size the instrument to the student. You will not need to bring the student for sizing if you are renting a trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet, or saxophone (however, for saxophone we will need to know if you want an alto or tenor - alto is most common for beginning 5th or 6th grade band).

Do you offer insurance on your rental instruments?
We do not offer insurance; some homeowner policies may extend coverage to musical instruments - check with your insurance company. We do offer an Optional Maintenance Plan for $6 extra per month, $10/month for cellos, which covers normal wear & tear repair issues, but it does not cover loss or theft.

What does your Optional Maintenance Plan cover?
Please click for the Optional Maintenance Plan page.

Can I add the Optional Maintenance Plan at a later date?
No, it needs to be added at the time of rental. There is one month from the initial date of rental to drop the Optional Maintenance Plan.

What book/s does my student need?
Most teachers or schools provide an information sheet with the exact title of the book/s you need. We try to get this information from each school and will likely know what most schools are using, but please bring your information sheet so we can make sure you are getting the correct book/s.

What else will my child need for their instrument?
The information sheet from your teacher should contain a list of accessories you will need for your instrument. Some of these accessories are provided with the rental (rosin for stringed instruments, cork grease for woodwinds, valve or slide oil for brass, 1 reed for reed instruments). We package together instrument Care Kits that provide any additional accessories needed, at a discounted price.

Can we try out different instruments at your store?
We do our best to accommodate this request, but we do ask that you come before the school rental rush (usually starting in later August). Most schools will have a time set aside for students to try out different instruments.

Can you show me how to assemble, play and/or maintain the instrument?
Your teacher will provide the basics on assembling, playing and maintaining instruments in class, and there are many internet resources as well. As time allows, we are happy to give some general tips.