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100% Polyester. Fusible Tricot.
Get stable, not stiff with lightweight French Fuse! Staple Sewing Aids
Stabilize tricky fabrics with French Fuse, a lightweight fusible non-woven interfacing.
Great for stabilizing t-shirt quilts, French Fuse Tricot Fusible Interfacing is a lightweight knit interfacing with a crosswise stretch and lengthwise stability.

French Fuse is a lightweight knit interfacing with one fusible (glue) side and one soft side.
This lightweight fabric is very useful to reinforce garment facings, and thin, delicate or stretchy fabrics.
For quilting, French Fuse can be used as the foundation for applique quilts using the ---No Sewing Until You Quilt It - method of applique.
The interfacing is so light-weight that it will not stiffen your quilt or reduce it's flexibility.
Instead the glue side of the interfacing will gently hold your pieces together and stabilize them so you can position all your appliques, baste, and then begin quilting without taking a single stitch!
French Fuse interfacing has a nice light to mid-weight body - perfect for soft tailoring or light support.