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Well, 2022 was an interesting year -and I am sure you will all agree that we all have had the unexpected, some joyous and some sad happen to all of us.   Quilt Store and More has been in a bit of turmoil just a bit -well maybe a whole lot at times-for too long.  We are in temporary quarters again and at this time unable to have any walk in traffic.  The building is progressing but still way out from moving in. However we are safe, healthy, and "enjoying" a snowy winter! 

So at this time we would also wish you a safe, healthy, and a New Year full of blessings for our new year of 2023! --and thank you so very much for letting us be a part of your creativity in 2022.

Previous post of 9 months ago:
What a month!!  Ever have one of those?
Well we found out the building we are in was sold --and we had no idea what to expect --yep stress  , we thought we had to be out in 1 week --but the guys are so gracious and we now had a whole month --but where do we go?
So for now we are open to the public by appointment only because they let us move to the back for the time being--and it is a true storage/garage!  but warm and dry which is great.
and what a bummer that we can't share yet--but watch for the up to date the first week of April--update - hopefully by Mid-May????